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About Ardour Group




Asist is an Ardour Group entity, which is a flagship company based out of Delhi-India; focused on capturing product and service industry opportunities in order to  leverage the company’s core competencies. We are a company with an extensive as well as impressive clientele at a PAN India level.One of Ardour Group’s priorities is to better understand and anticipate the ever-changing client product and service industry requirements in today’s global economy.In an era where the customer has the ability to access any kind of information s/he wants and make a judicious choice about a vendor s/he selects based on the costs and quality.We help our customers by not just providing a timely solution to their needs, but also by playing a proactive role in thinking through their solutions.The company strives to meets this environment with enthusiasm and energy as well as to provide innovative, workable solutions that spell success for our clients. In order to meet the individual and specific needs of our clients, we maintain a wide range of qualifications across industries.


Even while we embark on the road map that we have set ourselves, we seek to uphold the values that define the nature of our relationships with each other and with our stakeholders. Simply put, they are:

Integrity: Our desire to stick to our commitments whatever the cost.

Excellence: Our continuing drive to be the very best that we can be.

People: Pools of talent that is looking for opportunities. We will provide an environment of leadership and transparency.

Customer: Exceeding expectations through win/ win solutions.

Learning: Constant change is a reality. Our plan is to thrive on it.

Community: Our responsibility to build and enrich the community in which we operate.

Quality & Excellence:

Asist has some of the most innovative ideas as well as products like Electric Heating Blanket. We have a highly dedicated and well groomed sales team with an industry expertise spanning over 10 years. All products that we offer are certified and we take utmost care in the safety and design thereof .Our belief is customer comfort with safety.


Ardour Group: www.ardourgroup.in